Inferno Wasteland

Hi, my name is Eden. I'm 22 years old. This blog is like a journal to me and a way to express my struggles. However, some things on here might be triggering. But like a phoenix, I hope to someday rise from my inferno and become new and fresh.

Confession time…

This is a confession post. Don’t read if you don’t like personal stuff. If you unfollow me for my thoughts, I don’t care. I just need to get this out…

I have this sick desire to steal some of my friends’ “firsts.” Last spring, I stole one of my friend’s first kiss. Now I want to steal one of my other friend’s virginity. All of this is consensual, ofc. That’s part of the fun—making them want to.

Sick part is, I have a gf who knows nothing about this.

To make matters worse, she knows nothing about any of it, yet I feel so horribly guilty. Even more so because we had a fight and she hasn’t even been online and no one’s heard from her in over 24 hours. I feel something bad has happened to her…

I feel like God is punishing me…





i think we all know this one person…

People with body dysmorphia, eating disorders, and low self esteem exist and this comic is a steaming pile of shit

if you hear your friend talking about how much they hate their body and your first reaction is to get mad at them then consider the fact that you’re a horrible friend

think about this girl in your circle of friends everyone is befriend with apart from you. you are the fatty in this group. and this girl always reminds you how fat you are. she is just arrogant and doesn’t do this with other people. I think this comic is about that girl not girls with low self esteem.

My mom and I were watching some old family videos from a year ago. When my mom saw me, she said, “You used to be so tiny! You’ve gained a lot of weight since then.”

I have never been so triggered.