Inferno Wasteland

Hi, my name is Eden. I'm 22 years old. This blog is like a journal to me and a way to express my struggles. However, some things on here might be triggering. But like a phoenix, I hope to someday rise from my inferno and become new and fresh.

I am no closer to being skinny now as I was since day one. I gained everything back from binging. I’m a failure. A fat, ugly failure. I can’t even look in the mirror.

Why do I even bother? No one gives a darn. I could die and nobody would care.

I was in such a good mood today.

Until I had a fight with my gf AND mom. In which my mother literally called me ugly and said I’m overweight and far from skinny.

Why don’t I just fucking starve myself to death then.

I am very sad my inbox is suddenly empty :(